Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Busy, busy, busy...........

Too many books methinks!..................

Hello everyone, thanks for all the lovely comments left on my last post. I think there may be a few fellow bloggers staying at a Featherdown farm next year - maybe I should ask for commission!

Life has been very hectic here for the past few weeks, and this weekend in particular. I must apologise for not replying to all of your comments, but they are truly appreciated. Over the past couple of weeks I have made a decision that in the lead up to Christmas I'll have to scale down my blogging habits a little. I've just received an order from a small shop nearby for lots of my stuff and whilst I'm thrilled to bits I'm starting to panic a bit. Andrea and I have lots of fairs lined up before Christmas and because all my things are handmade they are pretty labour intensive and have to be squeezed into the rest of my life. Andrea is now employed as my sales director! It's thanks to her that the shop placed an order, I'd never have had the courage to go in and sell myself!

Time therefore is very precious to me now and I'm constantly aware that this is Kitty's last year before school so I want to spend as much time with her as possible. As all you fellow crafters out there know it's so difficult to fit everything in and I don't want my children to suffer as a result. So I have decided to have a small break from blogging for the next few weeks to give me time to fulfil my orders and get ready for Christmas.

We also received the news that my mum will be having a major operation before Christmas, which follows weeks of anxiety. Everything looks like it will be ok, but I need to be able to be with her if necessary.
I've really enjoyed all my blogging time so far and I have made some lovely blogging pals so I do intend to come back and regularly pop in to visit my faves. Thanks to everyone who's made me so welcome and for all your positive comments. The whole blogging experience has been so rewarding!

Now to weekend news. Andrea turned 40 last week and Saturday night was a 70's disco night to celebrate. What a fantastic party, we danced all night long - don't know how in those platform boots! Everybody had a fantastic time, there were vol-au-vonts and profiteroles galore, it was fab! Happy birthday old trout, you're a great friend and your coffee cake is to die for! Andrea's the one in the middle and Maureen is on the right, another great friend.................

Even Kitty got in on the wig action...............

After going to bed at 2.30am and having my morning call by Kit at 6.30am we stumbled off to the Cheltenham Literature Festival with both children. Yet again we booked them in to see their favourite authors and totally forgot to book anything for ourselves. We've now made a pact that next year we WILL be more organised, every year I kick myself because I miss lots of great shows. I did see Neil "Drop the Dead Donkey" Pearson from a distance (lovely blue eyes) but that doesn't really count!

Finally, I had some lovely post this weekend. My order from Elfie and Me arrived and I have to tell you the cards and badges are every bit as gorgeous as they look on her website. Thanks Claire, I'll be visiting again soon!

Next came a parcel all the way from Marie in Canada. She was giving away freebies of her rose cream. It's absolutely scrumptious! You have to order some, the smell is divine! Thanks Marie, it was a very generous offer!

I'll end with a picture of a typical Friday morning scene here (or at a friends' house). Nearly every Friday some of our old NCT group meet up for tea, cakes and a chat. We've all known each other since our children were born and it's always great to catch up on gossip, children and life in general. Our children don't get to see each other too often but when they do they're always pleased to see each other. Long may it continue!

See you all soon...............


mollycupcakes said...

Oow Claire's items are just gorgeous aren't they, I'm off to her house next week for coffee and cakes and we're hoping to do a Christmas fair together. She's so lovely and I've made a true friend, it's great she lives up the road from me.
You all look like you had the best time at the party and well deserved.
Very well done with the big order from the shop and I'm totally with you on the children front, it's finding the time to get everything made without giving up the precious times with them. But somehow we get there.
I hope your mum is ok and send her all the very best with her op.
Speak soon and don't get to snowed under.
Catherine x

Anonymous said...

of course you must take time out so you can prepare your orders for christmas, and so you can spend precious time with your family, and be there for your mum,
thankyou so much for sharing your lovely home, I have enjoyed visiting.
hope you will be back when you are good and ready.

French Knots said...

Well done on your shop order! There's a local shop I'd like to approach but haven't got the bottle! Perhaps Andrea could be my sales director too :)
It's hard carving out enough time for everything we need/want to do so I understand your need to prune your blogging for a bit. Hope your Mum recovers well from her op. x

carolyn said...

Sounds like you really have got a busy time ahead. Congrats on the shop order that is great news and all the best to your Mum.I'm so with you about the time spent with children, they grow so fast there will be plenty of time to do everything when they don't need/want your company quite so much. It's quite frightening how quickly they become teenagers!

Suzie Sews said...

You will be missed, please pop in to blogland every so often. Saying that I beleive it is crucial to make the most of your time with your babe before she leaves for school, talking from experience here!!!I hope your Mom is OK and keeps well throughout her op. I hope you do not get to stressed about your 'making' its no fun otherwise. As for the NCT ours is Monday morning...I have been going for eight years...this is the first month I have not gone...with no babes at home.
Take care and see you back in the New Year if not before as Christmas is great in about getting overloaded with ideas!!!!!!
Suzie Sews
PS Let us know when 'Little Pinkie' arrives and if she is happy in her New Home, She could always nest in one of those deleightful cups!!!

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Hi Julia-looks like your party was lots of fun-love the wig!! And I love your little pink teapot too!xx

Sew Recycled! said...

Oh don't go away for too long, I enjoy your little chats - great news about the shop. I understand too what its like at this time of year - so many fairs and open houses coming. I hope it goes well with your mums operation, it can really shake them up when something like that happens. They (and yourself) always asume and take for granted they are healthy and invinsible! Take care of her.

Anonymous said...

That looks exactly like my bookcases too - too full, yet nothing could possibly be gotten rid of!

I'm so excited about Marie's rose skin care - I ordered the sample sizes yesterday for a trial run. I can't wait to get them.

I'll miss your postings but you must take the time you need. Enjoy the time and I pray for peace, joy and new passion for the things and people you love, to be found in this season.

dottycookie said...

Wow, congratulations on the orders, and enjoy your break!

Ragged Roses said...

Good luck with it all Julia and hope everything is okay with your mum too. I must admit I've found it increasingly hard recently to keep up with the blogging so can totally understand your reasons. Hope everything works out okay and look forward to hearing from you again soon

Katy said...

Well done with the big order!
I hope your mum is ok with her operation.

I seem to be able to sniff out posts with cakes on....tea and cake is my most favourite thing, lol!

Wild Rose said...

Hi Julia,

I'm so pleased to hear that you like my cream and thank you for spreading the word.

I need a sales director like Andrea ~ it sounds like we could keep her very busy between us!

Wishing your Mum a speedy recovery and looking forward to seeing you back in blogland soon.

Good luck with the Christmas projects.

Marie x

Miles Away In France said...

Enjoy your time out, I completly understand your reasons.

Hope to see you back here soon.

Racheal x

Faye 'Country Chic' said...

Oh Julia, I completely understand! Fantastic news about the big order... I'm sure you will do really well at the fairs too. Good luck to you and your family, I hope your mum will be ok. I will miss reading your blogs and receiving your kind comments but I'm sure when you return your post will make great reading!
Take care and enjoy!

jessica daisy said...

Hi Julia, congratulations on the order, I hope you don't get too snowed under with all the work and trying to be a good mum too! I always find it difficult to get the right balance, but at least I'm not at work full-time in a 9 to 5. I'll miss your posts, but hopefully you'll be back in the new year with lots of news.
P.S. Hope that your mum's op goes ok.

Suzie Sews said...

I miss you

Garden girl said...

Have just stumbled across your blog and have kitchen envy!!Your whole house looks beautiful, and the blog is lovely. I hope you come back with an update soon! What makes it even better is that I know a lot of the places you are talking about-Sudely Castle(went to a fab wedding there a few years ago) Cheltenham (one of my favourite shopping destinations, especially since they have opened a Cath Kidston shop) etc.I think we probably live within staggering distance of each other!