Wednesday, 18 June 2008

A day of simple and slightly surreal pleasures........

Back into full blogging mode, although I do have to catch up with you all. Two posts in two days must be a record in the VH household.

After a lovely weekend of nosing round houses and seeing some lovely artwork at the open studios in Stroud and a relaxing Father's day, Monday started off in its usual fashion. Coffee with Andrea and Maureen straight after school drop off. We decided to go al fresco and enjoy the morning sun. Deep in conversation and munching on pastries we were suddenly joined by an elderly gentleman who just wanted a chat. After regaling us with his military history he then proceeded to serenade us with songs by Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole, in very hushed tones. Slightly surreal to be sung to at 10am on a Monday morning but there are worse ways to spend your time!

Kitty had her first session at school and after a slightly hesitant start seemed to enjoy it. She didn't want me to leave her but after realising that I was the only neurotic parent left (as usual)I reluctantly bade her farewell. It was very difficult, she looked like a little lost sheep amongst all the other faces. I'm pretending that September is a very long time away and making the most of the couple of months we have left together at home. It's very hard to know that my baby will be in the whole school system so soon and again I wish we had the continental scheme of keeping them at home a bit longer. Ahh well, such is life.

I do love having a bookworm for a child but it costs us a fortune. I try to use the library as much as possible, but being chronically disorganised means I run up fines larger that the national debt and therefore ashamed to show my face. Charity shops are a great help and on Monday Kit and I trawled them and came home with a few goodies. Hence this is where number one son was to be found after school that very evening................................

..................not the most comfortable armchair but perfect in his eyes, also great for watching my neighbours dogs at a safe distance, dog phobic as he is!

Thought I'd end with some holiday pics. It was a wonderful holiday, the weather was very mixed but we did get to the beach, and many of the towns we wanted to. We ate oysters galore washed down with cider, too many baguettes and crepes to think about (why are the French so healthy??) and wandered down lovely quiet cobbled streets dreaming about living there. Bliss.........

................a spot of Saturday Night Beach Fever!

........................the house in the middle is mine!

................Kits first horse riding attempt, she loved it!

Thanks for all the lovely comments about Ian's mum, they really are much appreciated. Life goes on here, as it has to with two young children, they are a great distraction.

Watch this space, a little giveaway coming shortly.....................


Garden girl said...

Hi Julia- have you come across might be worth a look at for your little chap on the book reading front. You just have to pay for postage...your holiday pics are beautiful!x

JuicyFig said...

Love the beach boogey!
It doesn't seam 5 minutes since I took Taryn in for her 1st day at school - and now she is looking at uni's - sighhhh, it all goes far too quickly!

The Liberty mill shop, is alas no longer - it was in Burnley, lancs, and was just fab - when it closed down, mum and I went and spent a fortune! I still use all sorts from there, we got buttons, trimmings, all sorts as well as oodles of fabric.

good on your boy for being a bookworm, it is a pleasure to see these days!
Let me know what kind of stuff he is into, and I will give the book shelves a clear out!


carolyn said...

So sorry to hear of your families loss.
Looks like you going to have a pony mad youngster on your hands from now on !

Nonnie said...

Your holiday looks wonderful. I love France, particularly all the yummy food. Enjoy the summer holidays with your little ones. I'm sure your daughter will soon settle into School life and you will get used to her being there. Time does fly doesn't it. I can hardly believe that my nephew will be starting nursery in September just in the afternoons, yet it hardly seems like a minute since he was born.

Louise said...

My oldest is also a complete bookworm and I too have the worst history when it comes to library books. Our schools start at 5 - is yours younger?

Deb said...

Hello Julia
What a lovely post! I had a bit of catching up to do here. First, I must say, I'm sorry to hear about your family's loss.
Your holidays sound absolutely wonderful. Being back home and having coffee with friends AND being sung Frank Sinatra & Nat King Cole songs sounds pretty good too :-}

Emma Herian said...

Glad to see you back on posting form.
Looks like we are having similar parenting duties. My baby starts in September (oh yes, months away, really!). He has a taster next month and I seem to be suddenly doing little day trips here and there just to enjoy those last moments I have with him. It will be so strange having no chilren to look after during the day, I will miss them both so much. Hence we have a kitten now, my new baby me thinks!
Lovely pics of your hols, very jealous!
As for the babushkas, yes too big for keyrings, nice idea..... the tardis somehow managed to fold and fit in my tardis of a Golf! Its on its last legs, the tardis that is.

Summer by the sea said...

Hi Julia, thank you for sharing your holiday pics, its lovely to have you back! My youngest is 2 but I'm sure it won't seem like long till Im packing her off to school, I am very lucky though that we can enjoy loads of time together as she comes to work with me every day. Take care - Natalie x p.s - Very sorry to hear your sad news

Lucy @attic24 said...

Hello my lovely...great to see your hoiday pics, it looks and sounds as if you had a wonderful time, ooo yes the food and drink in France I remember it well.
I am in the same boat with my little Lady, we'll have the first school visit on Monday although I'll be staying with her at first...I also am in denial, its gonna kill me to buy girlie school uniform.

And can I say I am veeeeery eexcited at the thought of a VH giveaway, don't leave it too long!

A Saucerful Of Secrets said...

Hi Julia,I remember who you are now (described by my mate bettina as rather attractive)I remember your lovely northern lilt and your friends colourful beads.It's lovely to put a face to the blog.Your holiday looks like just what I need, oh well, nevermind! Best Wishes from Annie x

Simone said...

The holiday pictures make me want to dash off to France. What part of France did you go to?

Curlew Country said...

Hope Kit really enjoyed putting her toe into the school water as it were... sure she'll take to it but that moment of leaving them is just tourture isn't it.
I know what you mean about library books, I daren't borrow any for myself anymore because I just cannot remember to return them and I'm skint already! Thankfuly our library don't fine late-returned chidren's books (what a shame yours does). Love your son's perch, perfect.
Really enjoyed your holiday pictures too, oh to be beside the sea....

mollycupcakes said...

Aww bless Kitty off to school, I've just blogged about having to send Molly of to playgroup soon and am being a wuss bout it all. Not wanting to let her go from our safe home bubble. It is lovely to hear Kitty likes school and sure she will settle in just fine. Cool pic of Jack reading what a littlebook worm lol hope he enjoys the one I've sent.
Fabulous photo's of the holiday, very beautiful, can I have the house next to yours? lol
Good to hear life goes on. All those memories will be your hearts forever more and Ian's Mum will live on in them each and everyday.
Many hugs.
Catherine x

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Thankyou for your lovely comment, if your bathroom looks like your kitchen then it definatly will be lovely!!! I love your kitchen!!
Max my oldest is a big book fan, luckily we have a million charity shops by us!! France looked fab and those houses look amazing. Have a good weekend, hope your hubby is ok.....claire x

Miss sew n sew said...

Hi Julia
Enjoyed your beautiful holiday pics glad you enjoyed France. It is hard to let go Emily starts the school nursery in September I've just ordered her little uniform! I suppose we can't hold their hands forever, they grow up too fast!
It's refreshing to see your son with his head in a book I'm awful with librarys too I never learn and always get fines.
I'm so sorry to hear about your sad new's I hope your family are ok it must be a difficult time for you.

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Julia, so sorry to read about your loss - never an easy time. Your holiday pics look wonderful, I think France is one of the best places to go - beautiful, relaxing and so close too (no need to fly!).
Wishing you a good weekend,
Lucy x

Rubyred said...

Hi Julia,so sorry to hear your sad news.I'm sure Kitty will enjoy her sessions at school,it's just a bit scary at first!Your holiday looks lovely,we've had a few in France.My son and I loved the garlic mussels with frites,yummy!Mopping up the sauce with lovely French bread!
Rachel x