Thursday, 4 December 2008

how many books?....................

We have a problem in this house which no amount of shelving, storage or de-cluttering can resolve. All of us love books, no one more so than Jack. And, none of us can bear to part with them, even if they're outgrown, re-read 20 times, or not particularly good, we hang onto them. Wherever the children are in the house you can guarantee that there'll be a pile of books somewhere nearby. Which means that I spend an inordinate amount of time piling them on and then carting them back up the stairs. Every now and then I attempt a book cull but before I get chance to surreptitiously remove the bag from house to car and then charity shop I get caught and have to bring them all back in again. What's a mother to do??

I have to share a story about my gorgeous bookwormish boy. Jack is not what some people would call the bravest child. He doesn't like to take risks, can't swim, has only just learned to ride his bike, is terrified of dogs and cats and likes to be at home more than anywhere else. He also has a significant stammer. When the school held a talent show last year we assumed that he would not want to perform. How wrong we were. Our beautiful son wrote his own song, stood in front of the whole class with his best friend and sung and acted out the entire thing. To his disgust he lost to "Greased Lightning"! In our eyes he is the bravest, kindest little boy and we were so proud of him on that and every day.

On an entirely different subject, thank you so much for all your good luck wishes for my new job. I'm two days in and I think I can safely say that standing at a door shouting "Hello" at every customer is possibly not what I want to do for the rest of my life, but the girls who I'm working with are lovely, as are most of the customers, so I think I can stand it for six weeks! Needless to say I've spent (in my head) my wages six times over, and I've got my eye on a half price wreath at the moment, oh , and the napkin rings, cowl neck dress, rose print nightie etc, etc.........

Lastly, just had to show you my new gadget, a button maker. It's super quick and highly addictive, just what I need on these long winters' nights!


MelMel said...

Loving the button maker.....where would someone buy one??? i feel i may have to have one of them!LOL!!!

Have you thought of putting shelves above your doors?

My friend did that...looks very good....saves getting rid of the books!


carolyn said...

Oooh now I want a button maker too!
I have exactly the same problem with books although I might just be the worst offender in our household. Glad to hear that the job is going well and at least you won't have to feel (too) guilty about any purchases.

Garden Girl said...

ooooh! where the heck did you buy that? where?!
We too are obsessed with books and rubbish at getting rid. I do swap them occassionally but we have teetering piles all over the house. There is something very comforting about piles of books.
Jack is a sweetie- I totally understand the scared of dogs and cats thing, I was exactly the same at his age. And not much better now!
Glad the job is going well. Are you wearing a vest?

Liv said...

i think if you add the date it will move! i might be wrong

Vintage Tea said...

I'm going to say the same as everyone else and ask "where did you get the button maker from"?!

I sympathsise with overrunning books... I buy so many and they're just in piles everywhere!!!

Victoria x

Sal said...

I can understand your problem with the books! I have far too many but can't get rid.
A friend of mine told me recently that when she gets a new one, she gets rid of an old one.

Love the button maker ! ;-)

Gingham and Flowers said...

I'm so pleased we're not the only ones with piles of books. We've just bought yet more shelves to squeeze onto another couple of patches of bare wall to try to get some of the books sorted. I've even got a big bag of them in the boot of my car that I'm supposedly taking to the charity shop but they have now been there for about 6 months! Really sweed story about Jack. Glad your job is going ok. I'm about to start for or five days temping today doing data entry at Travel Lodge Head Office. Feeling a bit nervous after 6 weeks at home. But I think it is going to be mind numbingly boring! Still the pennies will be very useful right now.

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Thats a serious amount of books in the Vintage Heaven household but what a lovely collection to have! Jack sounds like a wonderful little boy and the fact he has a stammer does not let things get in his way, well done to him, thats incredibly brave! Mason my youngest is a very nervous little one, he is literally climbing up my legs when he spys a dog or cat, extremly shy with people even family and friends, he also has a thing about doors being closed and wants to know all the time where I am if I'm in a diffrent part of the house, he has this thing that he will be left on his own bless him!
When I used to work for Monsoon, we used to have to take it in turns and greet people, not the most exciting part of the job, dont you find some people look around to see who your talking xx

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

oh I am so with you on the books!! i have massive amounts and in the end joined the "readitswapit" website where you put details of your books on and arrange to swap with other people for just the price of postage - but for some reason i really struggle to give up most of my books but am overrun by them!!! the button maker looks very entertaining :-) My eldest, Mia (7 like Jack) is the same, so shy and really struggles in group situations, wont learn to swim and is terrified of cats and dogs - the amount of stress it used to cause me but now I just realise thats just who she is so work round her best I can!!!
Well done Jack :-)
lesley x

funkymonkey said...

I'm so glad that ours isn't the only huose full to the brim with books. There are books on top of books, books two deep on the bookshelves, books under the get the picture!I can't imagine ever being without them and feel a little uncomfortable if I visit someone's house and they don't have this sort of clutter. I know I'm odd!


Kathy said...

Hi Julia, I am a bookworm too and finally my boys are getting in to books now too. My hubbie takes the same book on holiday each time, never finishes it and then the next holiday packs it again, starts at the beginning, never finishes it etc. etc.! And it isn't a huge book either just a Jeremy Clarkson (oh the shame). What a gorgeous little boy you have, good for him what a trooper! My son (9) has just been fitted with a brace and he has been really brave - all his friends have been really sweet even though speaking is quite a thing to get used to for him. Glad the job is going well and love the buttom maker. Kathyx

Beadyjan said...

Oh Crikey - I've just seen th ebutton maker and I want one too! It just makes such dear little buttons?

Things Hand Made said...

Love the button maker! There are many worse addictions than books! maybe you should be working in the library. Lovely story about Jack, my middle son has a stammer and is much more reseved so its nice to hear about someone similar.

mollycupcakes said...

Jack sounds just like the sweetest little thing, i love that he's a bookworm and hope you don;t mind me sending you the odd book or 2 when i see them.
Glad you're jobs working out good, i was a lucky girl and got not only a engagement ring for my birhtday but white company vouchers as well oowww! i'm holding on to them for the sales, know of any goodies i might like? lol
Loving the button maker, where do you get them from, I've got a badge one but it's well frankly crap lol
Happy working lovely lady and have a fabulous Christmas.
Hugs for those little ones,
Catherine and her cupcakes xxx

Calico Kate said...

Oh another book lover. I can't be without one or fve. I have several on the go at anyone time, one in each of the two loos, by the bed, in the kitchen I also listen to books, one in the car one in the kitchen and one in my sewing room. Can't really be bothered with music except for vintagey Christmas tunes. Our garage is stuffed with books on their way to various charity shops/fundraisers/drs surgery as I did manage to have a cull but all the window ledges and bedside tables, anywhere a book can perch - just as well we are in a bungalow otherwise they'd be up the staurs never mind on the stairs - has a book on it, every single room in the house!
Well done the boy for his singing.
I do like your blog.
Wishing you a very very happy Christmas