Tuesday, 17 March 2009

crochet paradise...............

.............well, how fantastic has this weather been?! After a frantic two day post weekend clean (kids, mess, food, toys etc...) the house is more sparkling than usual and I had an hour to sit out and enjoy the sun with the afternoon play and a bit of this..........

...............another round cushion in the making, this time as a gift for mum, It was so fantastic to sit outside, listen to the birds and enjoy the sun on my face. Isn't it great to be outside again, the children are barefoot in the garden once more, filthy feet are the order of the day.

As usual the garden is not looking at it's best. Having neither gardening skills nor knowledge means that plants do not thrive in my care, there are bare spots aplenty where there should be flowers. However some of the bulbs I planted in autumn are beginning to show and today I noticed this little lonesome beauty nestled amongst the weeds.............

..........more of which are dotted around the house, courtesy of good old B&Q which had a great offer on.

............and of course, the hyacinths keep on going, this one is particularly fragrant.
Did you notice that new mug up there?............yet another to add to my rather large collection, along with the Portmerion one I bought last week it's fast becoming a firm favourite, it's the perfect size for my cuppa. We had a girls only shopping trip to Bicester Village last weekend and of course the first stop had to be the Cath Kidston outlet store, from where said mug was purchased along with a couple of other goodies, including 3 metres of the most gorgeous dress fabric.........now all I need is a seamstress to run me up a tea dress.

I also bought this bath bar, much to Ian's delight. As he put it :: "Will that be going in the bathroom cupboard along with the other two you bought which drove you mad?" No, no, no, this one will be different, it's light and won't chip the bath every time the children knock it off. Besides how lovely my soaps and new flannel look on it. So I have to remove it and replace it every night, no matter, it gives me pleasure to look at it, this is the PERFECT bath bar and here it will stay....................
..........(if you look closely you can catch a glimpse of our horrific shower and revolting loo in the background - yeuch!)

Enjoy the sun everyone..........................


claire said...

This is weird - i have exactly the same soap dish with the same soaps in it!!!

Although, strangely a few pieces of Lego and the toe nail clippers (ugh!) have been added to the mix.

Liking the sound of the tea dress. :-)

LittleGem said...

Your photos in this post are lovely, so cheerful and colourful. The mug looks lovely alongside all your others. The toilet and shower may look yucky but your bath looks gorgeous! X

bekimarie said...

Love your bath bar, I know what you mean about putting them in the cupboard. I've bought a few over the years and got rid of them because they've got on my nerves.

Lovely photos, I do look forward to reading your posts!

Take care
Beki xxx

tam said...

Love all of your photos! Diggin on all the cups hanging and the soap dish! Looks like you did have a nice day-wish we had some of that sunshine here! Smiles~Tam!

She'sSewPretty said...

Oh! I haven't visited in way too long! I am so enjoying all of your beautiful pictures and envying you that nice big tub!! What a great place for a bubble bath.

LissyLou said...

such beautiful pictures, i enjoyed looking at all the lovelies!! x

Miss Marple said...

Sit out in the garden...sounds wonderful! Here we still have snow, but it has started to melt - spring is coming!

Have a nice day =)

Jacoline (Lien) said...

Love your collection of mugs. I love mugs as well , you never have enough. Great you could sit outside in the sun, we mooving into the house at this time of the year, Still strange for me but OK we had a great summer.Love your pictures again.

Sarah said...

What lovely inspiring photo's. Love the bath bar.

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

oh yes that does look like the perfect bath bar to me as well ;-)
the amount of times i have the "form over function" discussion with my hubby.... LOL

lovely pictures and am so jealous you are doing another cushion - i cant get my head around the instructions!!! if you take commissions give me a shout!
lesley x

Garden Girl said...

oh my god- how disgusting is that loo???! (joke!)
Your crocheting is going great guns! I am most impressed. Currently teaching myself from a childs book, it's the only way!!
Your kitchen and bathroom are so beautiful, love all your little bits and pieces scattered about, it's like a magazine set!

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

I have the soap dish too, 3 in fact, I keep one in the bathroom, one by the kitchen sink and the other is filled with knick knacks!! The bath bar looks great, would love one but think it would end up constanlty on the floor or in the bath being bashed around by three not so very gently boys!!
Yes the weather is fab, I love being able to hang the washing on the line, a proper pully one,this is the first house I've had that has one, also the children getting lots of fresh air and sleeping so well because of it!! Lovely new mug, Im hoping to go to Biscester in April for my birthday!!!
Have a great day!
Claire xx

thriftymrs said...

Hasn't the weather been beautiful? Although sadly is has become somewhat overcast and a tad colder here.
Cute mugs and great bath bar, we really need one, but can't find a suitable one.

saraeden said...

Oh how i wish i could master crochet !! Your buys look gorgeous , we had a girlie shopping day yesterday i do wish we lived nearer to Bicester though !!

Sara x

mollycupcakes said...

Hello Julia,
Just catching up on your blog honey, it's been a while.
Loving all the photos, your house is just gorgeous.
Thanks for letting me know about the wedding bunting, I'll get back to you.
We're in Cheltenham this weekend, so if you fancy a coffee, drop me a line 07914092726
Enjoy the rest of the week and this sunny weather.
Catherine x

Miss sew n sew said...

Lovely photos!
I'm loving hyacinths have three
at the moment they do smell gorgeous. You have a gorgeous collection of mugs there, love the bath bar been wanting one like that for a while.
Hope you got my email!

gingerwine said...

Your pictures are just beautiful - I want a bath rack now!

Oh no!!

Sam xx

gingerwine said...

Can I just say oh my goodness to your photos and home again - just lovelyness

s xx

Summer by the sea said...

Hi Julia, lovely photos - I have finished off another round cushion tonight, they are quite addictive! - Oh, and no matter how bad you think your bathroom is, I guarantee it can't be worse than mine! - Natalie x

dianeinjapan said...

Love your new mug--and the photo with all the mugs hanging over your sink!

Lavender hearts said...

I love your taps in the kitchen, where did you get them?

Primroses are my favs. :-)

MelMel said...

The bath bar still being good!?
We have the same one.....it was a norty purchase.....:>))) Sadly no lovely roll top bath.....looks delightful on there!
Your Kitchen pic is a dream!
Just my kind of place...and the sunny garden picture is so pretty!xxxx

gingerwine said...

Your photos should be in a magazine


Suzie Sews said...

love this post, today was the first day I sat out, sadly no crafting was done, but I dreamed away...its nearly here, all the hours in the garden with pots of tea in lovely china cups and some crafty goings on. A beautiful post.

ps I get my CK soaps from tkmax, always up for saving a little money, I knit face clothes and add a bar for a quick and jolly handmade pressie.....

MaryPoppins said...

Your home is delightful :)

We are having ours refurbished 12 weeks they said I reckon we are now in week 40 :) Though we have had weeks when nothing was done

Please can you give me any tips on the Hyacinth, I have bought a beautiful one very similar to yours but it has gone all floppy, I really don't know what the best thing to do is, I have ribbon round it at the moment, though not sure if that is the best thing. For some reason plants and myself are not the perfect match, I don't know what I do wrong, over water, under water, no water, too much light, etc etc :)

I look forward to coming back, your Blog is a very nice place to be :)



MaryPoppins said...

Thank you so much, has worked a treat, clever you :)

Have a lovely Mother's Day too, enjoy.




Lavender hearts said...

They are lovely, we obviously have similar taste. I've got a lovely (good nick too) large butler sink for the kitchen on freecycle so just need the taps now and a spare 20k to knock through the chimney breast in the kicthen, buy free standing dressers and an aga now and I'm sorted! ;-0

Cottage45 said...

Yummy pictures. So much to see in every single one.