Tuesday, 12 January 2010

a new decade begins........

........I'm not sure in which childcare manual it suggests that mouthing through the living room window "Get out here and finish the snow dog you miserable little sod" is positive parenting, but after two extra days of children at home I'm finding I can forgive myself. Ian and I had a whole child free week planned, you know, eating in proper restaurants where chicken nuggets are not on the menu, long walks without chocolate finger bribes, wandering round town without the whines of dismay, but two days in we, like the rest of you, woke to this glorious sight........

Needless to say the school was closed and entertainment of a snowy variety was our remit. Now we love our children, relish their company (mostly) but after exhausting them on the sledge on day one they were a little hesitant about venturing out on day two, hence thinly veiled threats being hissed through the window.

Fortunately the various snowmen, snow bears etc. were built on day one and spent the next few days watching us (quite ominously in the dark) until the big melt started and snowman's head looked futher skywards until it eventually fell off.

Did you notice how I slipped back in there, hoping no-one noticed my unexplained absence? A blogging crisis hit the VH household, actually I couldn't find the time to do it and I had little inclination anyhow. It's amazing how much time it freed up for me but I have missed you all so I'm back (again). Quite often it strikes me that this is a funny thing to do, what is the purpose? Sometimes it feels a bit show offy, a bit "look at my perfect life, home and children". That is so far from my life, our house is in dire need of attention, our children fight daily and life as you all know is never perfect. But I like the fact that this blog is my only journal of family life, my only diary, a record of how our lives are at this point in time. Many times over the last couple of months things have happened that I wanted to blog about and tonight this prompted me...........

...............our children love each other to bits but how they fight! Over anything and everything........who goes up the stairs first, who has the biggest piece of chocolate, who sits where at the table, who gets the extra yorkshire pud and on, and on. Sometimes however, they forget their differences and actually get on, in fact revel in each others company. Tonight Kitty climbed into Jack's bed and he read her stories whilst I was despatched to more menial duties, not much in the scale of things but to me, priceless.
So, Christmas has come and gone, New Years day was spent recovering  from a fantastic party here with lots of friends, neighbours and their various offspring. The Christmas tree turned into a twig, far too much was chocolate consumed, terrible television watched and Ian and I got very competitive with Singstar. Normal life has now resumed but here's a snapshot of our festive house before the hoardes descended.................

........look at that cute little Santa, an ebay bargain and just like the one my Grandma had when we were children.
When this house is tidy the love affair with it begins again, quite a short lived one because the order never lasts long.................... 

.............this year the children were in full control of the tree which of course meant rather a lot of low flying santas, snowmen and baubles. We chose a beautiful tree which managed to shed both needles and decorations with alarming speed, there was a strict no go zone set out, in fact even breathing near it was strictly forbidden.

So, 2010, a new decade, the big four-oh is creeping up on me but apart from that not much changes. The children will try to kill each other with increasing regularity, I will still drink far too much tea and consume vast quantities of cake, I will consider a job, and then promptly reconsider, I'll lose my temper, Ian will pursue various hobbies with his customary intensity, we'll camp in the rain, visit new parts of this wonderful country we live in and rant, laugh, cry and dance with each other....................life as normal!

Happy New Year.........................xx


charl said...

this is so strange.. i feel like ive conjured you up !!!.. no im not some mad strange witchy woman . i was reading some of the blogs on my list that ive not read for a while today ( whilst i was in work mind!!) and yours was one of them..i do love having a nose at your house you see!!.. and then here you are....
welcome back!!
charl xx

Mary Poppins said...

Welcome back, I did miss you. Well yes you are so right, life plods on as usual, the children fight, the children hug, the adults bicker, well the adults in this house do, the adults make up. I do find Blogging a wonderful world to share my thoughts and feelings sometimes, somewhere where I can, like you record a little of my life. Almost theraputic, my last post I shared a little of my son's rocky road and got a few things out there that I was probably holding in, and feel so much better for it. I had to study a while to work out which was kitty and which was Jack, I love his hair, my 3 year son has longish hair, and know I shall need someone to hold my hand if I ever come to cut it. Your wonderful, special photograph of them made me smile.


She'sSewPretty said...

Welcome back!! I was just stopping by to wish you a Happy New Year!

Angela said...

Welcome back! You were missed!

Tilly Rose said...

Happy New year wishes hun....and welcome back!
Hope you have a smiley 2010....
Loving our house by the way!
Hugs Karen x x x

coco rose said...

Ah how refreshing! Did I write this post? This is me practically. Lovely to know I am not the only one. Lovely house pics by the way....ah that's where we differ, you have tidyness in your house! he he! xxx

Rubyred said...

Hello Julia,welcome back, missed you!
Love the way you tell it like it is!
We've had snow again overnight so school has closed AGAIN!
We have Singstar too, we've only got Take That at the mo. Hubby and myself have had great fun with it but our son's not impressed! Can't think why...
Rachel x

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog your life sounds oh so familiar aren't families great one minute ripping each others hair out the next best buddies and the continuous bribes but where would we be with out them


VintageVicki said...

Welcome back

Have been checking regularly to see if you'd returned to blogland :)

Glad you've got 'normal' children - the fighting/loving variety ;)

Floss said...

Good to hear from you - it's so true that, by focusing on the positive, which is good, we can accidentally create a 'perfect' image for ourselves as bloggers.

Love your description of your children - my FIL freaks me out by regularly saying 'my boys never fought like this - this is not normal, you know' and I actually asked him this Christmas if he really had a fair memory of this! The trouble is that my husband and his brother aren't close at all now, and I'd prefer to have children who love and squabble but keep in touch as adults. We'll have to wait and see...

Your house looks great!

bellaboo said...

Your blog is one of my favourites because it records normal family life with ups and downs like any other,and you tell it like it is, in such an amusing way!You have a gorgeous house too, but a real home.Don't go away for too long next time!Hope you have lots of happy times in 2010.


gill said...

welcome back!
we've missed you - i do so enjoy your blog

Louise said...

Happy new year and welcome back. Just thought I would warn you I have two children aged 13 & 17 and they still bicker, now its over the tv, internet and who ate the last cake in the tin!

claire said...

Lovely to have you back x
I was thinking of you last night - not as wierd as it first sounds honestly!!!
I am snipping and sticking housey mag pics into my very own house porn scrap books and your beautiful home features!!
I love to hear that other peoples childrens bicker..mine too argue about abso flippin lutely everything. (stop looking at me is my personal fave!!). I sometimes wonder if I'm a really crap mum or if people who say their children get along beautifully all the time just lie!!!!

French Knots said...

Good to see you back!
I'm glad only 2 out of my 3 children can talk yet - goodness knows what will happen once the 3 of them are arguing and bickering, it's bad enough with two!

Alison said...

Welcome back. Your house looks beautiful as always.

A Thrifty Mrs said...

I admire your honesty.
I recently went through a no blog phase. In fact I didn't even think about it, sometimes life just gets in the way.

Your blog has long been my fave (ooh I think I've told you that before) so it's nice to see you back but remember there's no pressure. Life comes in cycles.

Happy new year, may 2010 be a happy one for you and your family.


MelMel said...

I'm so pleased you're back!
A fab blog...xxx

Kim said...

It's so nice to have you back. I love your blog & love that you are honest & fun. I'm glad that my kid isn't the only one who fusses about things like who goes upstairs first!

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

lovely to see you back in blogland :-) i seem to have less and less time nowadays for some reason and blogging takes a bit of a backseat but its nice to record things every now and again to look back on in the future :-)
happy new year to you and your family - have a boy and a girl myself I am totally emphathetic about the sibling "disagreements" ! Lesley x

Sheila said...

I love reading your blog. The snowmen are just fab-well worth that first day out in the snow!!

Oooh your house looks amazing!!

Happy New Year

Lyn said...

What a fab post! It did make me smile, thank you!
Happy New Year to you and your 'normal' family!

prettyshabby said...

ahhh Jooooolia (I wont do the spoon dance again but I may do a little jaunty jig to celebrate)
so glad you came back with another snippet of your life,I just adore your blog as it's about the normal everyday stuff, just stuff and nothing in particular that we can all relate to in one way or another and I love that x
My two used to fight ALL THE TIME about anything and everything.Now they are big, not-so stinky boy-men I love to hear them laughing and discussing the days events in their deep mumbly voices like best buddies.Funny how it suddenly clicks that it's not so bad to have a brother!
Happy New year to you, hope its a fab one! xx

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

I've laughed at your post today as I can sooooo relate to it!!! My 3 are constantly arguing, seems to be a lot more than it used too!! If one of them is not around the other two constantly ask when their coming back as they miss them.......THEN WHY DO YOU ARGUE ALL THE TIME...kids,who's have them...lol!! We are on a second wave of snow so ours are off again, should be back tomorrow though!
Gorgeous house piccies as usual. Did you know your mag feature is also on GAP interiors?
Have a great week!
Claire x

JP said...

welcome back - have missed reading you - glad you have all survived christmas and new year

Judith said...

Great to see you back.Love reading your updates.

Curlew Country said...

Fab to hear from you again Julia! Missed catching up with your world.

I really empathise on the kids front - mine are the apple of my eye but having to collect them early from school again yesterday (having only just dropped them off!) thanks to more snow I flopped a bit inside. Just an hour with no fighting once in a while would be nice! They really need some time apart but it wasn't to be.

Hurrah for normal family life I say!

Lovely to see more pics of your fabulous sofa - I've got patchwork envy!
Happy New Year,
love Stephx

Sew Recycled said...

Welcome back! We have all missed you, looks like life has been busy! Hope we get to see more of you in 2010, I too have the big 40 creeping up, so I am sure it will be an eventful year for us both!
Happy New Year

Country Style Living said...

Love your blog! And the snowmen, they are great. Look forward to the next post.

mollycupcakes said...

Happy new year Julia.
Thats was one of the best blog posts I've ever read lol
I love you're normal life and that we can be a little part of it. And I feel so happy and privileged to of met you and become a friend in real life and not just in blogland.
Jack and Kitty are just like Molly and Daisy, oh how they fight but then the best of friends again lol
keep blogging lovely lady and i hope to see you for a coffee on our next visit over your way.
Lots of love,
Catherine x

mollycupcakes said...

I did forget to say there is a sunny award over on my blog for you

Catherine x

Emma Bradshaw said...

yay - great to read you again Julia - I had feared you had left the bloggy world! Emma x

retrorose said...

Soooo glad you are back. Better get my ass in gear too and do some blogging!

Miss Sew & So said...

how did i find you?
already i have laughed out loud too many times! sounds all too familiar to our household
thanks for the giggle and will be back many times...


Anonymous said...

Hi there
I love your blog, andI have been reading it for an age now, it is fabulous! I hope you do not mind but I have added it to my blogroll on my new site. :)
Love Melanie

shopgirl said...

Just read your blog and I LOVE IT...You have so many blogger followers...I hope I build quite a clientele (spelling) as you. I look forward to reading more. Thanks!

Clover Yard said...

What a fabulous honest post. Have struggled a bit too with my blog recently but reading your post has reminded me to keep it real. God forbid anyone thought I had the perfect life! Love your posts, and the way you tell 'em.

Kaylovesvintage said...

your living room is a dream, so cozy

linda said...

HI, just wanted to say I love dipping into your home, life and passions, you have such great taste in STUFF, You have inspired me to start my own blog...bit scarey.... look forward to your next posting ,make it soon!! best wishes, Linda.

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serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Hiya, just popping in to say hi, hope you are well!
Claire x

jesson said...

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MelMel said...

Hi hunni, not sure if you are on here much, but just wanted to say hiya, hop you are well....xxx

Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

I miss you, what are you up too...



ahomespunyear said...

A very happy New Year to you all...here's to an eventful 2011!

Your house looks gorgeous...so colourful and cosy.
Margaret and Noreen

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quiltjude said...

Oh the snow how beautiful - but I dare say if I lived in it I wouldnt think that! great blog,

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