Friday, 27 April 2007

Gifts galore

Look what arrived in the post yesterday...............

I read about this on posy's blog. It looks a lovely book but I have to have time to sit down alone without interruption to savour it - highly unlikely in this house. Sunday mornings are normally my "alone" time, Ian takes the children swimming and I get a cup of tea in bed and an hour or so to myself. Nobody tells you before you have kids just how precious a bit of time to yourself becomes.

Another by-product of child rearing is the complete inability to retain any information. I used to mock people who made lists, now I'm one of them. And blogging needs its' very own list. So, I keep little notepads around the house to write down whatever I need to remember as it comes into my brain. Where do all theose brain cells go? Enough moaning, I would never be without them and love them totally (most of the time).

Another lovely gift I received was these little beauties.......

from my fabulous sister Sarah. Aren't they cute? I have them hanging in my kitchen. Don't you just love getting presents?

I've been looking forward to today for ages. It's the Spring Fair at Sudeley Castle, which is like a smaller version of the Country Living fair. Childcare had been sorted so I could go with a friend and enjoy all the stalls. However a bit of a spanner has been thrown into the works because no. 1 son has conjunctivitis (probably spelt wrong) and cannot therefore go to school. Needless to say he is thrilled to bits and will be coming with me, which means no gossiping with Maureen but also that I get to spend a bit if time with him without his little sister which is pretty rare.

We're all at my parents this weekend so I won't be able to blog, but I will take my camera in case anything exciting comes up.

Just one more thing. Jo sent me a comment and mentioned that anyone not registered as a google blogger had to register with them to send a comment. I'm hoping this has been rectified. Could someone with a typepad or other blog just send me a comment just so I can see if it's sorted. Much appreciated. Also, Jo, I can't get onto your blog from the comments. If poss could you let me know the http.// name.


sal said...

welcome to blogland! you have such a yummmy lovely looking home, especially around the sink!

Jo said...

I'm at, please come and visit!
I too am a list fan, I have a little book that I write them in. I have a To Do list for each week, and also the back of an envelope that I take out with me that has the days errands on it, how sad am I!? Even with the lists I manage to forget things, I think I must be on my last few brain cells!

Jo said...

ps - it's sorted!

claire said...

hi Julia,

I make lists too.

But then I lose them . . .or forget to take them when I go shopping!