Thursday, 15 May 2008

And the winner is....................

First of all apologies (again!) for my absence. Time seems to be running away at the moment and blogging has taken a bit of a back seat. Also the sun has been shining and the last place I want to be is in our basement on the 'puter. Need a laptop, only problem is that finances are needed elsewhere so it will have to wait.

There's been plenty of paddling pool and water slide action, all meals have been outside and it's been bliss, shame the rain's arrived today, still, at least I won't have to water the pots!

We always dress for dinner in this house!

So..............the giveaway. We held the draw this morning and the winner is................

Congratulations Sairer, can you email me your address and I'll post your goodies asap! I hope you like them all.

I read Lucy's latest post about mugs and it got me thinking, as well as making me laugh. There are certain "rules" in this house that I expect everybody, ie. Ian, to abide by and in his way he tries to break them.

Firstly tea and coffee canisters. I insist that the tea canister should ALWAYS be on top because I drink more tea and need quick access. However when Ian makes the drinks I always find the canisters like this...............

.................not only is my tea at the bottom but it's also facing the wrong way!

Next, dinner plates. Ian refuses to eat off my priceless treasures, or "other peoples' tat" as he describes them. So rather than reach up to the easily accessible plate rack he rootles around in the cupboard to find a plain white one.

Same with mugs, he doesn't like the flowery ones hanging above the sink so he's off again into the cupboard to find the "manly" ones.

Don't get me started on towels!...................

I can't really complain about him though, he has to be the most accepting man when it comes to my car boot trips. He merely raises his eyes, sighs almost imperceptibly and feigns interest. Only occasionally does he look truly horrified, so I can forgive him for his plate, mug and canister foibles. That's not to say I'm not working on him, control freak that I am!

Talking of car boots here are a few of the latest finds.............................

......................gorgeous green stuff

....................another fab eiderdown for a couple of pounds

...........................and another teapot.

Have a lovely weekend all................................


Garden girl said...

Hi Julia, your kitchen looks just like my kind of place! (and your husband sounds like mine as well!)Beautiful eiderdown- a couple of pounds?? Is that the racecourse car boot again? Must make an effort to get down there one of these days.x

Garden girl said...

Thanks for letting me in on your secret! I can picture the scene now, two eiderdown obsessed women having a tug of war competition in the middle of a racecourse! I shall have to make an effort to get up early on a Sunday morning and drag the husband along.(or let me know if you ever need some company!)x

thriftymrs said...

Great bootsale finds. I want a racecourse bootsale, I wish they had them up here in the North West *pout*.
It really made me laugh about your husband not putting things back the right way, mine is just like that. Luckily he eats of the plates I give him, otherwise he would starve. He does insist however on drinking out of a vile Starbucks mug. :(

Katherines Dream said...

Hi Julia, this was a funny post...I did need a giggle with you. My hub moans when I arrive home with yet more 'stuff'. He say's that I am getting like my Mum! that I am starting to clutter the place up!
I loved all your bits.
Carol xx

prettyshabby said...

ooooooo..exciting! thankyou Julia..I had quite forgotten about the giveaway..May is definately turning out to be a very good month!!
I love your new must have some really good car boots near you, either that or you're up at the crack of dawn to get the best goodies.I'm liking your other peoples tat! We have special 'man-cups' and 'man-plates' in this house too but I make a point of giving Pete his tea in the pink polka dot one..I do get the 'errrr I'm NOT having that one' from the stinky boys when it comes to anything the least bit girly looking..even bedcovers have to be approved now-a-days. x

Simone said...

I love the eiderdown. What a bargain! I love the teapot too!

mollycupcakes said...

Hey Julia,
Your so lucky I don't know how you find so many eiderdowns, I've walked roundloads of boot fairs and not seen any :( send some of your luck my way hun x
Gorgeous finds and the plate story made me laugh, Ian sounds just like Ben he too sighs and rolls his eyes when he sees me heading towards a table full of old cups, saucers and plates clucking like a chicken with joy lol
But I take no notice and go ahead and choose what I fancy.
It's a woman thing.
Hope to see you soon, did you get my other email about your friends Greengate items and doormat?
Catherine x

Deb said...

Great bootsale finds. Love the eiderdown. Congratulations to Sairer on winning your giveaway.

twiggypeasticks said...

Ohhh what a lot of loveliness !
I love your new finds, your kitchen and all your plates and cups are soooo pretty
Twiggy x

Ali said...

I've just bought a kettle which is trying to look like that teapot.

I think all husbands put things back the wrong way just to be contrary. Thirteen years of marriage and mine still doesn't hang up the dishcloth.

Ragged Roses said...

Hi Julia, it's definitely a man thing!!!! If only they could appreciate the beauty of a car boot and all the excitement it holds for us. And why the obsession about eating off of plain plates, M is the same. What a waste of prettiness!! (the plain plate not M!!!)
Love your car booty

Miss sew n sew said...

Oh Julia
I have to keep manly mugs in the cuboard too! Steven drinks tea and I'm a coffee drinker, sometimes I get the drinks mixed up and I refuse to remake them so he ends up drinking out of a pink polka dot cup which he moans his head off about!!!
I'm after an eiderdown can't believe that was just afew pounds shall have to drag the family to the boot sales soon!
Well done Pretty Shabby!

Curlew Country said...

Julia I am very envious of your gorgeous kitchen and lovely car boot finds. I never find anything at our local ones, all batteries and dvds sadly. Ian's habits made me laugh. Woody has a blind spot for which is the right side of a cushion to display. I'm forever turning them over to show the pattern not the blummin' zip! And he's forever pulling out hideous china from his student days and ancient mugs because he "can't do with those silly little handles" on my pretty cups. The trials vintage widowers must go through eh? Hasn't the weather been the best, can't believe I am actually hoping for a bit of rain to help all my new plants along.
Hope the weather stays fine for you this weekend.

Louise said...

I am completely lusting after the sponge tin and the teapot. Fantastic!!

JuicyFig said...

hehehe, excellent post! I think our hubbies should have a manly blogg! mine wants to pee in my lovely new dish I found! hehehe

and it's nearly sunday morning again!


Rubyred said...

Just wonderin,how do you know it's the Tea caddy,when your other tins are the same,is it on the lid?
Love the car boot finds,especially the tea pot,I'd like a kettle like that!What happens with the towels then? Just bein nosey
Rachel x

Summer by the sea said...

Hi Julia, todays post really made me smile, especially the bit about 'manly mugs!' - It sounds like me, the ones the kids got free with their easter eggs are hidden away in the back of the cupboard with only the pretty ones on show. The canisters reminded me of the film 'Sleeping with the enemy' with Julia Roberts, where her hubby insisted all the tins etc were uniform - I'm sure you're not a psycho though! - Glad you have been enjoying the weather - Natalie x

JuicyFig said...

Next time you are visiting Clitheroe - do let me know, I am just 4 miles away in Whalley, it would be lovely to meet up for a coffee!


Trish said...

Love your eiderdown hun, wish i could get pretties like that up here, you have some beautiful cups and plates too xxx

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Julia, thanks for the link :-), you have some mighty fine crockery there - I want some mugs like yours now! Great car boot finds too.
Lucy x

She'sSewPretty said...

Men just don't get it! But thats okay! I don't know if I'd like my hubby to drink out of my flowered cups. LOL

Cowboys & Custard said...

Congratulations Pretty Shabby..!!
Now are you sitting comfortably..well I could rant and rant about the charming little idiosyncracies (???) of my two boys..
Never putting the toilet seat down (typical)
Beloved loves to cook roast dinners but hates anything to do with soap and water afterwards
Beloved always mixes up all the recycling bottles so I have to sort it all out in a hurry before the recyclers reach us.. oh the list goes on but I love him dearly and as for car boot sales he has just offered to take me to our local and I declined!!! I must be mad when I see the gorgeous treasures that you have found.