Thursday, 1 May 2008

Do snails actually have any purpose?..............and a GIVEAWAY!

Look what they've done to my prized and only allium. I've been watching this little beauty with baited breath after planting it last year. All was well until the snails launched a major assault on it and ate through the stem. Aaarrrggh!

The children are tucked up in bed in a state of frenzy wearing two gruesome (gorgeous) very bright blue and orange t-shirts which came free with our holiday details today. Yes people, a holiday, a trip to France no less. I don't know who's more excited, me or the children! It will be our first trip abroad as a foursome and we can't wait, only 3 weeks to go, no childrens' passports as yet, a minor detail which I'm sure will be sorted, fingers, toes, legs and eyes crossed!

The weather tonight has been fantastic so we've managed tea in the garden, yum! This is the after photo, note the fabulous garden furniture, ie. camping table and kitchen chairs dragged outside. We have been through so much garden furniture, we're just not capable of looking after them and after a year they rot and people end up falling through the chairs!
Kitty and Jack entertained themselves for ages carting jugs and buckets of water through from the kitchen to pans, seaside buckets etc. and then pouring them down the slide so they could whizz down fully clothed. I can honestly say my children are the dirtiest I've ever come across, show them mud and they'll throw themselves headfirst into it.

Well done for staying with me through all that waffle, now my first year giveaway. I've decided that it's going to be a surprise gift, I don't know if that's the done thing, but I'm sticking with it. I love getting surprises, so leave a comment and the first name out of the hat will receive some extra special goodies. So join in, lurkers very welcome, it'd be great to hear from you. (Andrea, I know you're reading and you're not allowed to join in!)

I'll finish with some more gratuitous house shots, my bedside table, complete with handcream, a sure sign of ageing!

Finally a rather blurry shot of our understairs coats, hats, shoes etc. etc. storage area having had a major overhaul.................Enjoy the weekend everyone!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Children, sunshine, outdoors and mud = what a perfect combination! We have been at the allotment today and I love it when the children have the chance to get properly dirty!

Happy bloggyversary!

Hope you have a lovely weekend (ideally with more sunny weather!)

Lucy x

Nicola said...

Mud and kids a great combination. Love the snaps of your house it looks just like ours should, if I could motivate my hubbie to do something about it.

Simone said...

Happy first year! Lucky you going away in just a few weeks! Have a lovely time.

Cowboys & Custard said...

We take our slugs and snails for a long walk ..and then a short car ride and liberate them on a distant hill a mile or so from home. I swear that they have a homing instinct and return. I will have to tag them to find out for sure.
I planted 100 allium bulbs last year.. only a handful have shown up this year. Is it those pesky snails again!
Thank you for your kind comment today.


the homely year said...

Slugs and snails...what a pain! Last year my hostas were like lace doilies only not as pretty. Sounds like you had a great time in the garden. Hope there's many more warm evenings to come.
Margaret and Noreen

Mignon said...

Take the snails to France, they like to eat them. Well, thats what I hear. We had a snail problem until we got chickens.

Sal said...

What a shame about your Allium!
It's hard to know what to do about these pests. Have a fun weekend! Sal ;-)

Summer by the sea said...

What a shame - I love Alliums - Tea outside sounds perfect and I love your camping table - did you buy it like that or customise it yourself? Its lovely to have some nice weather though isn't it? - If your chidren are the dirtiest, I bet mine come a close second! - Well done on your one year bloggaversary - Natalie x

Emma Bradshaw said...

totally agree with you about painting/maintaining outside furniture - it's such a chore and one that I always put off!

Miss sew n sew said...

OOoo I'm beginning to love these giveaway's and a surprise that's more exciting! It's great to get outdoors and get a bit of fresh air your children sound like they were having a whale of a time.I've said this before but your house pics are divine so many pretty vintage things you have even your understairs is looking pretty. Those snails are naughty!France is lovely you will love it I'm sure.
Sarahx said...

happy blogversary!
your photos always make me ooh and aah! your kitchen taps look AMAZING! and your garden furniture woes are the same as ours, we end up replacing them every year! Not as cool as yours though!

pink-petal-designs said...

those snails are such a pain. Lovely sunshine the kids outside its great, i like your chairs. Please may i join in your giveaway. Happy first blog birthday.
Sarah x

Kathy said...

How lovely, kids outside and tea outside too. Love the picnic table - where did you get? Gorgeous photos, again!

Vanessa said...

Children wash, that my thoughts any way, my hubbo disagree's at times but I don't mind!

Was it the first meal in the garden this year? We managed to have a picnic last week in the garden even though the grass stood about 2" tall!

Have a good Bank Holiday weekend!

Vanessa x

JuicyFig said...

perhaps this is not the place to describe what I do with slugs, a straw, and salt...tis too evil mwahahaha

and what could be betterer than mucky, tired, well fed kids? bliss!


Deb said...

A trip to France - how fantastic! You must be so excited.
Love the garden furniture.

a home far away said...

Wow what an inspiring and great blog I found here! I will look around some more now:_)


Faye 'Country Chic' said...

Hi Julia,
We have planted loads of ting veg plants outside and ever day I have to check to make sure they have not been eaten by snails or slugs.

Love you pics as usual... please count me in for you give away and congratulations on your first year of blogging!

prettyshabby said...

I really don't know the point of snails either..but they are definately cuter than slugs..why? I have no idea,very annoying but cute!
All this talk of holidays, mucky kids being proper kids and eating in the garden...I can just feel summer round the corner!
Lovely house photos again..your understairs storagey bit looks like it could be in Vanessa Arbuthnotts house..I love those colours you've used. x

Rosezilla said...

Nothing wrong with getting really dirty while having some good, clean fun! I think that's why I love gardening so much - how else is a 47 year old woman going to get away with digging in the dirt?

French Knots said...

I fought( and lost) the battle with slugs and snails all last summer and counted 7 on my fennel yesterday!
Love your camping table, much prettier than mine! Congratulations on your first blogging year.

Ali said...

A pox on snails.

And I see your two muddy children and raise you two more. Perhaps if I let mine run around without clothes, I would care less.

Happy blogaversary.

ClaireP said...

I throw snails onto the garage roof for the birds to sort out!

Am I too late for you mystery prize drawer? I love a surprise (and your blog!!!)

Emma Herian said...

What a perfect time spent! Mud is fun and we should all join in! Even though it was a blurry pic, your understairs still manages to look perfectly gorgeous.
Have fun in the next blush of sun.

Suzie Sews said...

Oh my it has not been a year....Well does the time fly or what!!! Anyway a year on and your still blogging, good for you and I am so pleased, I adore the little sneeky peeks into your life...Hope you had a most brillent weekend...

Rubyred said...

Hi Julia,tea in the garden,how lovely.Love the camping table and your cupboard,did you make all the bags yourself?
Rachel x

Ragged Roses said...

Lovely photos Julia. I'm surprised you've got any snails I thought they were all in my garden!! Love the understairs area, very tidy.
How exciting to be going to France in a few weeks time, lucky you. Please enter me for your draw too!

Lucy @ attic24 said...

Lovely post Julia, your outside set-up looks charming. We tend to neglect garden furniture too, our hardwood set which was new last year is looking very un-loved and in need of some oily stuff I think.
Pleeeeeeease enter me into your giveaway, would love to win something Vintage-heaveny!

mollycupcakes said...

Owww a giveaway yeay!
You think you've got dirty children lol our Daisy wokes up grubby lol I just don't know how she does it.
I need a night cam to watch what she gets up to lol
Happy first year sweetie.

Catherine x

Vintage Amethyst said...

Eeek, snails are horrors!
Isn't it lovely getting back out side again after the long long winter!
Hope I'm not too late for your giveaway too.
Alison x