Monday, 24 September 2007

Dipping my toe in.............

Hello everybody and welcome to a new week. Hope you all had a good weekend. The sun shone here in the Cotswolds and it was a very eventful weekend.

Saturday was my first foray back into the world of work. Well, I say work but really it's a way of making a bit of extra cash doing something I love. Before I had Kitty a friend and I used to make and sell items at craft fairs and parties. I made the decision to stop when I had Kitty for various reasons, the main one being that I wanted to spend time with her whilst she was small and not have the pressure of deadlines for orders etc. Now she's started pre-school my good friend Andrea and I have decided to have another go together. She makes the most gorgeous handpainted boxes and furniture, which go brilliantly with the stuff that I make. As an gentle re-introduction into the world of "work" we decided to have a stall at the village fete that Andrea organised for the village she lives in.
That fete was on Saturday, and what a success it was! The whole day was absolutely fantastic, Andrea had put so much effort into it and it certainly paid off. There were stilt walkers, bouncy castles, giant y-fronts (yes, you heard correctly!), fantastic stalls and just a great atmosphere. What's more we sold lots of our stock and it really boosted our morale and gave us the impetus to get started again. So we've much more in the pipeline, I'll keep you informed!

Sunday morning Andrea and I went car booting as usual, and managed after a slightly disappointing start to find some fab bargains (more on that later in the week). After lunch Ian and the children and I went for a walk to a local village called Miserden, not the happiest name for a village, but a lovely place to visit. Needless to say I forgot the camera, but we had a great walk, collected conkers, acorns, feathers etc. to add to the massive pile we already have, and came home to lamb casserole and rhubarb crumble - just as well winter's coming and I can hide under my layers of clothing!

The run up to the fete has meant that housework has lapsed slightly but I've rooted through the photos to see what I can add because I know bloggers like pictures. I know I do anyway!

This is the living room, the place I can be found most evenings. It's funny but since we had the kitchen built we hardly ever go in here during the day. The kitchen turned out exactly as I wanted, it's become the hub of the house, everything goes on in there. It's where I sit with friends over tea and cakes (& wine and crisps!), where Jack does his homework, Kitty does her painting and Ian and I chat. There's been a lot of laughter shared around that table, and a few cross words! It's also always totally covered with paperwork, lego, crumbs, you name it, it's there! In fact, the kitchen is NEVER tidy, I've given up, life's too short to live in a show home!

The chair in the top left picture is one of a pair I bought from a junk shop years ago. I had them covered in bright Cath Kidston prints and I love them. When the upholsterer returned them he was somewhat perplexed by my choice of fabric but they're my favourites.

The playroom is behind the living room, this is where the children drag all their toys into the kitchen from, and I drag them all back into at night! The pale blue dresser is filled with just some of our favourite china, including a lovely coffee set we bought at a fair a few years ago. It also houses my tea and coffee pot collection on the top shelf, that I started collecting in my 20's.

The huge pine dresser has been dragged from house to house over the years giving many a poor removal man a hernia! When we first moved to the Cotswolds we had a first floor flat and Pickfords had to shove it across a balcony and into a first floor window because it wouldn't go through the door!

Time now to eat and enjoy "Nigella Express", yes I know some of you find her annoying but I can vouch that the squid recipe was flipping delicious. See you soon..........


Ali said...

I am in love with your fireside lights. Candlesticks? They're gorgeous.

And I love Nigella too. But she does invite a serious amount of mickey taking. Is life really too short to wash your own leeks?

Louise said...

I sooo want to live in your house - it's just gorgeous - like a magazine!! And the kitchen sounds lovely and homey. Well done on the craft stall - everything looks very pretty. The village market sounds like something straight out of Midsummer Murders - except perhaps for the Y-fronts!

Rubyred said...

Hi Julia,so pleased that your craft stall went well,can we have a close-up next time as it all looks so lovely!As does your house,it looks so homely and comfortable,love your cabinets wih the china.Can't wait to see your car boot piccies!

French Knots said...

Your stall looks lovely, glad it went well. The weather seems good too which must help.
Your living room looks really welcoming, I could snuggle on your settee with a book please??

dottycookie said...

The stall looks great, and I think I would like you to come and design the interior of my house please!

I am a big Nigella fan. I think she's overdoing the whole "lazy" thing a bit, but she reminded me how useful frozen berry crumbles are so I might have to dust off an old recipe for that.

Ragged Roses said...

We had our weekly fix of Nigella last night - love her, nobody could do her better! Congrats on getting back to your sewing and doing so well on Saturday, everything looks lovely in the photo. Your home photos look wonderful, very cosy and welcoming!
Kim x

Nonnie said...

I'm definitely a Nigella fan too. I love the way she cooks and I also really like the fact that she is a real woman who clearly enjoys eating the food she cooks.
Well done with the fair at the weekend. I've just started trying to sell my things both through fairs and my little web shop. It is quite nerve wracking, but also a lot of fun, especially when you sell something!
Your house looks lovely by the way.

Magie said...

I just wanted to say a little hello, and that I love your blog! Your house is just truely beautiful!

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Julia

Thanks for popping by my blog. Love your home - wish mine was as tidy!! The main regret with this house is that the kitchen is standing room only and faces to the front. I don't think I've had a front-facing kitchen before!

Fabulous dresser. Don't ever let it go. I had a wonderful pine linen press which was too large for our last cottage so we sold it with the house we were selling at the time. (The joys of downsizing!) It would fit in the slightly larger house we're in now!

Glad you're back blogging and craft selling. Enjoy!

mollycupcakes said...

Hi Julia,
I can't wait to see some of your new stock, do you have a website or esty shop? did the ironing board sell? if not how much I'm after one like that and am hoping my Ben will get one for my birthday. If I can buy it from a friend on here thats even better. Also do you have any photos of the bunting?
Look forward to hearing from you and well done at the fair, wish I was closer, I would of bought loads.
Speak soon sweetie x
Catherine x

vintage twist said...

Your house is gorgeous! Pleased that your first dip back into the water of selling went so well.

Suzie Sews said...

As ever from you, beautiful photos of your stunning home, just how is it so lovely, you have great taste, talking of 'taste' I agree with the you on Nigella express, I think she plays up for the fun of it and whilst her menues might not be as quick as she claims, of may be I am just too darn slow, they are pretty delish!!! I have made three things from the series so far and all have been Amazing!!!