Tuesday, 18 September 2007

One good turn...............

Hi everybody, hope you've all had a good weekend. I'm hoping to get some time this week to catch up with all the latest in blogland. Where does all the time go? There just don't seem to be enough hours in the day to do everything and I can't cope with staying up after 10pm - one of the downsides to having small children!

I just had to share a story with you which once again restored my faith in humanity. Two weeks ago Ian did a 72 mile bike ride to raise money for Macmillan nurses. The day before he went I took Jack to the barbers where Ian has been going for years. Upon hearing what Ian was doing a man who I'd never met before turned and gave me £5 to donate, and then the barber told me that Jack's haircut was for free and to donate the cost to the charity. It's the little things like this that make you realise that the world isn't such a bad place and just how many decent people are out there - you lot being amongst the top of course!

Needless to say wonderdaddy completed the 72 miles no problem! How he does it I've no idea, the mere hint of a slight incline when I'm out on my bike and I'm feeling breathless!

We're well and truly back into the old school routine, Jack is enjoying being in juniors and tonight started drama after school. He really enjoyed it and is already looking forward to next weeks lesson.

On Sunday we decided to have a day of excitement and had a trip to London. We had an amazing day. We drove into Kensington in less than two hours and parked for free about 5 mins from the Natural History museum. What a place, the kids loved it, although I wouldn't recommend the food, unless you have a particular craving for cold pizza! We then drove to Buckingham Palace to show the children where the Queen lives. We could not believe how easy it was to get around London by car, and even better everything was free. The children saw all the landmarks and we got to drive around Notting Hill and fantasize about having squillions of pounds. After having a lovely supper in Windsor we came home tired but very happy, it was nice to visit but I couldn't cope with it full-time!

I love this time of year, the smell of the air and the chill in the mornings as we walk to school. I've ordered the logs, bought the kindling and I can't wait to light the fire. Everything about autumn makes me happy, I think I'm just a cold weather person, I love the long dark evenings, not having to shave my legs, wearing scarves and gloves and generally starting to hibernate!

Roll on October! I'll finish with my usual gratuitous house shot, some of the first things I ever collected, byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


Wild Rose said...

Hi Julia

It sounds like a really great weekend in London. I haven't been to the Natural History Museum for years, but seem to remember dinosaurs?

Your story really does restore faith in human nature. It is so good to hear about people's generosity for a change instead of their greed.

Marie x

Wild Rose said...

Hi Julia

It sounds like a really great weekend in London. I haven't been to the Natural History Museum for years, but seem to remember dinosaurs?

Your story really does restore faith in human nature. It is so good to hear about people's generosity for a change instead of their greed.

Marie x

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Sounds absolutely wonderful. That is our dream vacation visiting the United Kingdom. I'm English and my hubby is Scotish so the U.K. is a natural place for us to want to visit. Hubby says maybe for our 30th anniversary - we're at 26 - we'll be able to visit.


Ragged Roses said...

Hi Julia
It is little things like that restore your faith in human nature (oops just realised Marie 's just said that!). My daughter went up to London on Sunday to sing to raise money for Wateraid and has been bowled over by the amount of people wanting to sponsor her. We love visitng London and I remember the look on my oldest's face when she went to the Natural History Museum (sheer wonder!!!) - you couldn't have put a price on it.
Kim x

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time! I love the photo of your lovely cushions! The pom-poms always look so nice, don't they!

carolyn said...

Sounds like you had a great day out. Congrats to wonderdad, terrific achievment.

Mary said...

Love the Natural History Museum Glad you raised so much for the MAC nurses who do an amazing job.

Louise said...

I'm very impressed with that run and yes there are lots of nice people left in the world thank goodness.

I am a little jealous of your trip to London. The last time we were over in the UK (Sept 2001) we only stayed in Bourton on the Water for a couple of weeks and drove down Brighton way for the day for me to become a Godmother to my girlfriend's daughter (bizarrely renouncing evil on Sept 11!). So we missed London all together. I lived there for two years in 1990/91 and have a very soft spot for it.

Love your little collection - so pretty!

Curlew Country said...

Congratulations on your ride, well done. I'm looking forward to taking my boys to London for a sight-seeing trip when they're a bit bigger. I used to work at the Tower of London so it'll be great to take them there.
So agree with you about the joys of autumn, wish we had a real fire. Enjoy cosying up by it.

Miles Away In France said...

Well done to your husband on his bike ride.

Sounds like a lovely family outing to London.
Racheal x

melissa @ the inspired room said...

This is my first visit, I've enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your lovely photos!

Nice to meet you,


Nonnie said...

Well done to your husband on the bike ride. Not sure I could manage even a mile!
Sounds like you had a lovely time in London. You're lucky to have been able to drive around so easily. I work not far from the Natural History Museum down on the Kings Road and most days the traffic around this part of town is a nightmare. Not that I drive to work. I get the tube then bus and most days the buses are stuck in traffic. I long to move to the country one day. Hopefully soon.
Totally loving the autumn too. It's my favourite time of year.

Clare said...

On the faith in humanity front, we were fund-raising to send my daughter to India to do some voluntary work in an orphanage when the window-cleaner gave her a fiver completely out of the blue! Said he'd heard about it from his son at the same school and wanted to help.