Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Drum roll please..................

Finally, the winner of the "Marie Claire Idees"............Very short on time so I decided to ask Jack to write a number between 1 and 34 down and he came up with 18 - the number of pirates he has. So Lizzie, it's you. Could you email me your address and I'll post your goodies off asap.

Quickie post tonight. It's a bit of a mad week. Mum arrived Monday, Kitty's birthday today and mine on Friday. I planned a lovely al fresco roast chicken birthday tea but Ian managed to amputate one of the chicken's legs, thus leaving only one, which went to birthday girl, leaving eldest child in a state of near hysteria resulting in Mummy totally losing her rag and shrieking in a not particularly flattering way in the back garden whilst Daddy made a hasty retreat. Sound familiar to anyone or is it just our family that's totally dysfunctional??!! Sometimes I wish for a detached house in which to vent my anger but I think my neighbours are all used to us by now!

Anyhow, birthday girl (4 today - how did that happen?) loved her presents which included the following ::

This dolls house was found in a skip outside a house in a very nice neighbourhood. I had to swallow my pride and knock on the door and ask if it was going begging, and it was. A coat of paint, wallpaper to be added yet, and some Sylvanian families and we have a very bijou little residence. I'm thinking of asking if I can move in, I'm sure there's no chicken leg warfare going on in there, it's far too civilised!

The deckchair was part of my car booty this weekend. We came back laden with stuff only to find that Ian had coerced the children into a walk around a fishing lake and locked me out. One of my lovely neighbours had to climb into our incredibly untidy bedroom, over the teetering pile of washing to let me in again. A quick coat of paint and some flowers and we have a very cute little chair, which I had intended to sell but once Kit has set her eyes on it, it became hers.

Last but by no means least, the lovely Sairer has awarded me the following and I must pass it on. Ho hum, it's such a difficult choice but here goes................

:: Fabulous Lucy at Attic24. A relative newcomer and a joy to read, especially those yummy recipes. I also copied the :: from her because I like it!

:: Gorgeous Kim at Ragged Roses. So eloquent and beautifully written and the most fantastic photos.

:: Witty Ali at Domesticali. Honest, funny and thought provoking. Ali has the brain I wish I had and I love all her posts.

:: Lovely Suzie at Suzie Sews. One of the first people to ever comment on my blog. Lovely thoughts on motherhood (and boy, is she a good mother!), crafts and life in general.

:: Fantastic Catherine at Mollycupcakes. I've mentioned her many times but you really should visit, she's a joy!

There are so, so many more I could mention but take a look at my faves to see who I love - reminds me, I must update it asap.

Thought I'd finish with my usual house shot. Ian has purchased a snazzy new camera which means we can take evening shots without a flash - what a revelation! It has far too many gizmo's and extra bits for me to have got to grips with yet but I can't wait to give it a proper go.

Thanks for reading, I'll be back soon. I will be visiting you all but probably won't have time to comment this week. Take care all........................ xx


Cowboys & Custard said...

Hello Julia
I feel slightly frazzled reading about your amputee, house break- ins and skip trawling...
All character building stuff though!
I hope the Birthday girls have/had a wonderful day where some calm reigns and much merriment had by all..

P.s Love that Dolls House.. what a find!

driftwood shack said...

I love the dolls house-they should be ashamed at sticking it in a skip- don't they know there are little girls out there who would treasure it? The deckchair looks great, too- well done!

mollycupcakes said...

Thank you so very much Julia,
Your such a sweetie.
I'm flattered that you've given me the award.
Hope you have a fabulous birthday lookout for a little something for you and Kitty.
The chicken story had me in fits lol
And no your not the only one with a crazy family, I hold my head in my hands sometimes when I'm out in the garden shouting "stop fighting over that toy" argh! for the hundred time and the girls are screaming at one another like they are killing each other. It's all just normal family noise, that's what I tell myself hehe!
Many hugs honey.
Catherine xxx

Emma Herian said...

Ah, the chicken story, I know it so well!
I can't belive someone would skip that house, my boys are desperate for a dolls house just like that. Everytime w go to C&H fabrics shop they play with those houses and beg for one. Lucky little birthday girl (clever mummy too!)
Nice house shot too, you need to show us the view from your kitchen window, sorry I tagged you!

Ragged Roses said...

Hello Julia - a big "thank You" that's very kind, lovely words too, I'm blushing! Your last photo looks so serene that it's hard to imagine missing chicken legs, tantrums and children's birthday parties happening at all! Take care and thank you
PS I too long for a detached house for much the same reasons!

mollycupcakes said...

Happy birthday Kitty,
Many cupcake wishes for you. xxx


Catherine x

prettyshabby said...

nope, your family is perfectly civilised and normal..cripes you should be a fly on the wall in this house sometime!...anyway the amazing 'found' birthday pressies for kitty are gorgeous...of all my toys when I was little it was my dolls house I loved the most,inhabited by a bunch of animal shaped smelly erasers(remember those?)Have a fantastic birthday on Friday too!
Sairer x

Katherines Dream said...

Hi Julia, what a great deck chair...i just love them. You should keep it. The dolls House is a great find too.
I hope that you have recovered now...the party pad looked great.
Carol xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Julia,
Loved the blog...chuckled v.much about back-garden hysteria as am currently tempted to wear balaclava into our local shop run by a neighbour who inocuously commented 'oh, we hear Everything!' (No doubt including paddies of 4yr old and 6yr old child screaming 'get off mummy' following combing frenzy in order to remove delightful bout of headlice...ho hum, am awaiting knock on door :P )...
Hope sugar high has worn off for all concerned at party - thought cake was great :)
Take care
Kate in Tassiexx - best friend of lovely Suzie sews (bit of name dropping so you know I'm not a complete odd-ball :) )

Lizzie said...

Hi Julia
I'm loving your number selector! Many thanks to you and to Jack for picking me. I shall eagerly await my goodies.
I expect I'm being really dizzy but I just can't seem to find your email address anywhere. Can you point me in the right direction?
Love the dolls house. I can't believe anyone would throw it in a skip, it's beautiful.
Happy Birthday!

Ali said...

Thank you muchly for the award - what a nice treat (though I seriously doubt you really want my brain).

And though our house is detached, our neighbours are still close enough to get a full frontal slice of family life (unfortunately for them!!)

Happy birthday to your big girl. May she always get the leg.

Garden girl said...

love the deckchair, and the gadget on your camera-your lounge looks so cosy and welcoming!x

monica said...

what a beautiful room! It looks so cozy...

Miss sew n sew said...

Hi Julia
I love what you've done to the deckchair I'm doing to up for our garden at the moment! The chicken story made me giggle we live in a semi too and I too worry what our neighbours must think lot's of shouting, screaming goes off here also!
That photo of your rooms looks so cosy!

Suzie Sews said...

Oh my so much going on here, your back on my daily read list...I thought you were just popping in and out and when I logged on I had so much to catch up on. Marie Claire ideas...JELOUS...I so want to see this magazine...As for the award, fab, but I am especially touched by your lovely comments about Motherhood, beleive me sometimes it does not feel that way I can asure you so to read it warmed my heart...Thanks you. As usual amazing pictures of your home!

retrorose said...

I am very inspired that you got that dolls house. It is beautiful. Have been reading a vintage finds book from Emily Chalmers and it has me in thrifting mode too. Lol re the barbie cake. I remember toying with the idea of making one for my eldest but i never got round to it.