Saturday, 12 July 2008

Room with (not much of) a view..........

So, it's Saturday morning. Ian's away, Jack's gone up the road for a drumming lesson, Kit's asleep in our bed feeling not entirely chipper, the breakfast dishes are still on the table and I've got 5 mins to fulfil (one of) my tag duties, the view from my kitchen window. Here goes, don't get too excited..................

As you can see the gazebo is still up from Kitty's party and will probably still be there come September. It's a nice place to sit in the shade from the sun - pah, what sun. Handily it also shelters you from the rain, jolly useful in the current weather we're enjoying.

As I've said before we live in the middle of a terrace of Victorian houses so we don't have a large garden. Our kitchen is nearly the full width of the garden so it doesn't have any windows down the side, it's sort of slotted between our neighbours' houses. The view from the french windows is of the whole garden, warts and all. It has two sheds, both of which are full of bikes, paint, garden tools, you name it, a large climbing frame and slide which dominates the view and numerous gorgeous bits of brightly coloured plastic.

I've been admiring all the other gardens on view whilst visiting other peoples' blogs and feel mine is definitely lacking. Basically, I'm not a natural gardener. I'm full of good intentions but I never actually see them through because in reality I can't be bothered. I want a garden to look fab without any work and it's not going to happen. I kid myself that I want a huge garden so I can wander around wearing a floaty skirt collecting vegetables and flowers but I'm more likely to be sitting in it with a cuppa and a good book ignoring the grass waving around my knees and the dandelions peeping at me from the flower beds. I have attempted to grow some broad beans this year but I swear I can hear the millions of aphids gorging themselves on them laughing at me so I've given in!

That being said I do like Jack's little apple tree next to the bench, the only tree in the garden, it's got a few years to go before I can hang a swing off it! I also like my lanterns dotted about the place. Actually I quite like the whole garden because most of the time it's filled with children's laughter and mess, the grass is dead in quite a few places where various toys have sat for weeks, and it's lived in and loved by both my children, what more could I want really?

Finally, at last vindication that I alone am saving the planet. Now I have an excuse for sneaking out of the house on a Sunday morning, unwashed and at an unearthly hour, sporting my eco bags. I'M BEING GREEN, Country homes say so - Hurrah!


Cowboys & Custard said...

It all looks v pretty and inviting from here..
I love those red brick walls.. they remind me of the garden I had in my childhood.. they make a wonderful backdrop for plants..
Hope that injury is healing well but you have every excuse to put your feet up and sip soothing tea whilst you recuperate..


Knitty, Vintage and Rosy said...


I have the same dream. Floaty Laura Ashley type skirt, lovely trug full of my pristine roses, big straw hat...

Who am I kidding? It's usually me in my jimjams with a cup of tea and hair coiled up in a clamp.

Martha would cringe.

It all looks beautiful and you are green!

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy

Lesley said...

I put a post on my blog a while back about wanting a veg garden and wicker baskets to collect it in etc so I know where you are coming from!
I think yours looks fun to be in and I bet the children have lots of good times out there!
love the rest of your blog as well am enjoying it very much :-)
Lesley x

Gill at Lucy Locket said...

You have a perfect family garden and I think it's a lovely view form your window. I've only got a smal yard, I dream of having a graden like yours so it's all relative really, we all seem to want more than we have :) I like the idea of a large garden and wafting around picking flowers but the reality is I don't like gardening all that much and it suits me that mine only takes an hour a week to maintain!
Gill x

Summer by the sea said...

Hi Julia, your garden is lovely, I was tagged by the same tag, but I can't really participate as my kitchen window looks straight into my neighbours kitchen! (We live in the middle of a row of edwardian townhouses) - unfortunately we have no garden at all, but can't complain too much as we are 5 minutes from the beach - Natalie x

Kathy said...

Hi Julia, Your gardens looks lovely with all that bunting and couldn't agree more about the children enjoying the garden. I am with you on the cup of tea and a good book type of gardening! Kathy

Sal said...

Your passion flower is gorgeous and I also love terracotta bricks.
Your garden looks lovely.;-)

Ragged Roses said...

Hope you've still got your feet up and recovering from that injury/ In my experience the only thing that works is chocolate and cup after cup of tea in the garden, in the gazebo if raining. Love your garden it does look pretty

prettyshabby said...

who needs rakes of flowers when you have all that gorgeous colourful and flowery housey stuff out there? I think your garden looks fab because its all looks fun and jolly.... it's a lovely view! (and I LOVE your curtains!)

Garden girl said...

Actually, your garden looks very similar to mine- must be the victorian thing, perhaps.Unfortunately I have wood panel fencing, rather than a lovely brick wall though. Your lanterns and gazebo look so pretty!
Thankyou for the tag, will do the garden one also (as soon as I have cut the grass....)xxx

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oohh such a pretty garden. I am so jealous. I live in a Victorian terrace but right in the centre of town and we only have a teeny tiny courtyard. *sad face* I would love so much for a garden.
Love Alison x

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy said...


I just nominated you for an award on my blog. My gosh you deserve it. Drop by when you have a moment.

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy

Lucy @ Attic24 said...

Your garden is beautiful Julia no matter what you say, I think its lovely.
Please tell me where oh where did you get those beautiful floral garden chairs, I am desperately in love with those!
And also very very very jealous of your new GG quilt, oh I am turning more green by the minute!

Sara said...

I love your little secret garden! Your passionflower is doing a million times better than mine!
Just found your lovely blog and look forward to reading lots! x

funkymonkey said...

I think the view from your window is lovely. A very sweet little garden. I think we must all dream of floating round our gardens with a trug full of delicious smelling flowers - it's just not going to happen is it? Never mind, I'll read my CL and fantasise about the gorgeous gardens it features!The sun is shining, so I can actually sit in the garden today to read it - wow!

Kitschen Pink said...

your garden looks just beautiful to me! you don't have to spend every free moment pandering to it's every need, remembering to weed and water! And the most wonderful flowers can't compete with kiddies laughter. Most of my gardening time is spent fighting back brambles and nettles! t.x p.s. I'm glad to say you're not the only one saving the planet - I'm trying terribly hard to do my bit too! :-)