Friday, 11 July 2008

Pride comes before a fall!...............

Hello all, hope everyone is well and the rain here in the UK isn't getting too depressing. Wednesday it poured all day and was horribly reminiscent of last year when we suffered terrible floods over here.

Anyway, onto more fun and mildly amusing news. Yesterday was our summer sale, held here as I mentioned in my last post. Wednesday I frantically tidied away toys, socks, cuddly toys and all the other bits of crap that normally litter our house in order to be ready to set up all the stock on Thursday. The day was slightly manic because we had Kit's sports day and Jack's friend to tea, but other than that was going pretty well. Until, that is, I went along to sports day and with last weeks 2nd placing in the mother's race still glorious in my mind (there were only 5 running mind you!!) I lined myself up with about 20 other parents and sprinted off....................only to stop after three steps having either pulled or torn a muscle in my calf and in agony. Nobody really noticed me trying to hop off the race track, other than to advise me to move along because I was in danger of being mowed down by the returning sprinters!

Friends who were watching the race realised that I wasn't joking as I hobbled back to the classroom looking more Thora Hird than Zola Budd, wondering how on earth I was going to get home on my bike. Having never injured myself in sporting activity before, as I avoid exercise at all costs, I had no idea what had happened. Thank goodness for my lovely friends who drove me home, rubbed tiger balm into my calf, cleaned the kitchen floor for me, made my lunch and took Kitty off my hands for the afternoon. One of them who's about 6 months pregnant wheeled my bike home with her pushchair strapped to it - I hasten to add I didn't ask her to do so, she just turned up. When things like this happen you're just so glad to have good friends like that and I'm really grateful to them.

Anyhow the sale went on, I sported a delightful blue support bandage and dragged my gammy leg behind me like an extra from Michael Jackson's "Thriller". And what a success it was, the Pimms went down a storm, the rain held off and we had a great night. So great that I felt justified in treating myself to a few goodies from Andrea and Liz.................................

................the most gorgeous Greengate quilt which I have been after for ages. Andrea has a couple more of these reduced from £150 to £100 so if you fancy one give a me a nod.

Liz makes the most glorious handmade brooches and so far I must have bought at least eight of them, I just can't get enough, they're pinned to everything. Sorry about the odd view, blogger has decided to turn some of my photos around and I can't work out how to put them the right way up. I made a few of these little fabric coasters which went down well. I have a few left so if you'd like a set (4) they're £5, drop me a line if so.

Andrea has taken Kit off for the for day so I'm off to put my leg up, eat the leftover meringues and read my latest Country Living. It's hard being injured y'know!

Have a lovely weekend!


sarah @ a beach cottage said...

shouldn't laugh but the sports day story made me chuckle

love the bag junkie story too, oh and that gorgeous bed, I am getting my quilt out, you've inspired me...thanks, super blog inspiration here!!!!

Kathy said...

Hi Julia, You poor thing! Although I did chuckle... I'm not one for exercise either!! I am so glad your sale went well; I wish I could have been there. Kathy

Linen & Roses said...

Oh dear, poor you. Hope it's starting to feel better now. Feet up with Country Living definitely sounds like the right thing to do today. Glad your summer sale went well. Have a good weekend and don't go doing any more racing!

Simone said...

I hope you 'gammy leg' is better soon!

Katherines Dream said...

Hi Julia...Poor you! did you blush! I would have.
I really love that you think they is one left!
Carol x

carolyn said...

well I would say get well soon but really it sounds like you are having the life of Riley! Seriously hope you aren't in too much pain, take care.

Miss sew n sew said...

Ouch! That must have been really painful, glad your sale went well your quilt is gorgeous I love Greengate!

prettyshabby said...

Oh no..poor you! exercise to me is like holy water to the devil..(unless digging counts) I never did partake in the school sports day, hope you got a ribbon for effort!
Glad the sale went well..lovely goodies you have there...yuuuummy quilt and that brooch is rather gorgeous too!
hope your leg sorts itself out soon..does sound nasty,ouch!

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

I do hope your leg is better...
You have a great ability to retell stories and make others laugh,... even when we shouldn`t.
Sorry couldn`t help laughing with the sports day!
By the way, would you be interested in exchanging links with me, please.....?
Kisses Kisses

Garden girl said...

Ooooh, do you have any coasters left? I have turned into a coaster fanatic of late, and they are fabulous!! Do you? Do you?!(only wish I could afford a quilt as well...sigh)xxx