Thursday, 10 May 2007

7 weird things about me

Well to limit it to seven may be difficult, ask my partner Ian and he'll tell you there's nothing normal!

Here goes......

1. I'm never ever on time. Every clock in our house is set fast but all at different times so I never actually know what time it is. I'm always very optimistic about how long it'll take me to get anywhere, which invariably leads to me swearing at whoever is in the vicinity because I can't find my way/parking space/car keys/bag etc.

2. I can't stand orange juice with bits in - "hairy bits" as my daughter refers to them. Same with yoghurts with strawberries in, I'm always a bit suspicious that they may be dead spiders!

3. I've watched the film "Truly, Madly, Deeply" about 100 times and know it word for word. If only Alan Rickman would recite poetry to me!

4. I never have any money in my purse, even for little things like newspapers. I find myself scrabbling about down the sides of sofas and leaving iou's in the childrens' money boxes in order to buy a pint of milk.

5. I'm obsessed with food portions. I cannot let Ian have a bigger portion than me, so after I've dished up I normally take a bit extra off his plate and stuff it in my mouth before he spots me, just in case!

6. I am so hopelessly disorganised that I am unable to do anything without a list, even so far as leaving notes in the kitchen to remind me to eat something that's in the fridge. Many's a time that I've discovered a mouldy piece of cheese/fish/ham etc. languishing in there!

7. I have a complete inability to follow instructions whether written, pictorial or verbal. My brain seems to say "can't be bothered" and switches off. Is this as a result of my 6+ years as a stay-at-home mum or simply an age thing?

So there you go, a bit about me and my weirdness.

What do I do now. Am I supposed to tag other people, please could somebody let me know?


andsewtosleep said...

Mouldy cheese in the fridge - perfectly normal in our house! I 'tagged' four other people. I read it in the instructions somewhere? Mary

Gill at Lucy Locket said...

Good to find out more about you.If you want to "tag" other people select 4 blogs that you visit and add them as links to your next post. I emailed mine too to let them know I'd tagged them. I'm new to this like you and I'm learning as go along. Your blog is lovely.
Gill x

Marie said...

Hi Julia

I also prefer my juice without bits!

Alison told me that I should tag 5 people, but I had trouble finding 5 who hadn't already been tagged...anyway, it is nice to learn a bit more about you and I am enjoying your blog.

Marie x

Racheal said...

I don't like lumps in jam or yoghurts but I never thought of them as maybe being spiders before, now I won't be able to eat them without thinking of dead spiders.
Racheal x