Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Car Boot Joy!

What a great weekend! The weather managed to stay dry for two bbq's, so we ate ourselves silly and drank just a little bit too much and all in all it was lovely. We saw friends, the children played until late and tired themselves out brilliantly.

Saturday morning we went to the art gallery at our local museum which is holding an exhibition of the local schools' artwork. Jack had a picture on display as part of his school's project. He was so proud, and because for once in our lives we were organised and got there early, we also saw the grand opening by the mayor and Jack had his picture taken for the local paper. It was just one of those days that turned out to be perfect without us trying too hard, if you know what I mean?

Sunday is car boot day. I went down to the one I go to regularly and was a bit disappointed (still managed to spend though!). Then a good friend, Andrea called to ask me to go to a new one with her. I went along with 60p in my purse promising not to buy any more "tat" (Ian's word for my treasures). What a treat was in store! There were goodies galore. I had to borrow from Andrea - what a pal! And here's what I got..........

Some lovely trim

A really cute tin

Some gorgeous linen embroidered napkins

A whole load of vintage childrens books

And a big piece of gorgeous fabric.

WHOOPEEEEE !!!! - What more can I say???????

By the way, I've been tagged. What do I have to do? Help!


Angel Jem said...

What a load of 'stuff' (my husband's words for the treasures I bring home!) And how I'd love to have found some stuff like it! Thanks for the comment on my blog... glad you like what I had to say!

Gill at Lucy Locket said...

Oh I've tagged you too! List seven weird things about yourself and tag four other bloggers. See my blog for ideas.
Love your blog, looking forward to more.

Charlotte said...

Wow, what a wonderful blog ~ and home you have! Love your kitchen. ITS LOOKS LIKE SOMETHING OUT OF COUNTRY LIVING MAGAZINE! Must add you to my list of yummy blogs.