Thursday, 17 May 2007

The simple things.........

I picked these from the garden, can't afford real "shop flowers" but actually these look really cute I think. They're K's favourite colour so they certainly bring a bit of cheer to a bleak day.

Yesterday I felt so much better. K and I decided to collect J from school in the pouring rain. So, we donned wellies, raincoats and K got to use her frog umbrella. As I walked along behind and watched her splash in puddles and really enjoy herself my heart just lifted. It was one of those moments you have as a mum when you see things through your childrens' eyes and realise what a great place the world is (does that sound a bit schmaltzy??)

I made some great bread (recipe from before J came home. Normally my bread involves a lot of swearing, sweating and not much success. However, even if I say so myself, this one was a triumph. We sat at the kitchen table and ate it still warm, with butter and mackerel pate (Sainsbury's not home-made!). K declared it "dishlishush" - praise indeed! As we were sitting there the sun broke through the clouds and poured into the room, a very simple and heartwarming 15 minutes full of catch-up and chats about life, it doesn't happen often enough. Of course there was the usual cup of tea accompanying it. Whenever I have a spare minute I make a cup of tea, don't drink half of them, but it's a habit. Still I suppose it's better than drugs, gambling etc.! Bit of a rock and roll lifestyle I lead, eh!

Just had to put this photo in. Love the shoes, they clomp up and down the stairs (terribly dangerous I know) and round the kitchen, normally pushing a shopping trolley laden down with bits gathered from around the house and other general detritus.

Thought I'd sneak in a picture of my favourite cupboard. I know it's not a corner of my home but it'll do. I love it, you can squash so much into it. I spend so much time when I'm sure I could be doing something much more worthwhile decanting pasta into glass jars that no-one sees because they're in this cupboard. But sometimes I just open the doors and stare into this cupboard like a lunatic, probably need to get out more really!

Tomorrow I've something new to show you, here's a hint, not too difficult really!

By the way if there are spelling, grammatical etc.mistakes through this blog I apologise, I have no idea how to use spell check so I just publish it and hope for the best!

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Gill at Lucy Locket said...

oh lovely pictures, what a fab cupboard! And that's a keyboard...I so want a piano again, had two in recent years that were "free to a good home" but turned out to be pub pianos that couldn't be tuned :(

Ali said...

My hubby's a compulsive tea maker too. He leaves half filled mugs all over the place and it drives me bats!

Enjoyed oggling your cupboard!

Ragged Roses said...

I'm afraid I'm forever drinking tea! Well done you for making bread (it does taste so much better, I never do it but occasionally my husband does). Those flowers look very pretty - when is this weather going to cheer up! Have a good weekend.
Kim x

Suzie Sews said...

Wow, some neat shelves going on there. Are you not just fed up with this rain? I so want to get in the garden, I actually mowed the lawn last night while the grass was still wet...Now I know why this is not a good plan...Still I have your lovely photo's to cheer me up.
Suzie Sews

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi - I've just found your blog and have scrolled down to your first post, just looking at the photos for the time being (need to move from the computer). I shall come back and read all the posts later. It all looks lovely! Sue

Louise said...

Ooh I am always making cups of tea and leaving them everywhere. When I lived at home it drove my mother fair up the wall. We are having lovely, lovely rain all day long at the moment and I can't explain how wonderful it is when we've had none for so long. Plus it is the perfect excuse for staying in and sewing!

Suzie Sews said...

Hi Julia thanks for the lovely comment on my blog about the tea cup. For drainage just crumble up the bits of the polystirine (can not spell that)! that the tray of plants are in. Put a load in the bottom or really mix it with the soil. You do still have to water them care, especailly in hot weather they dry out quickly. Still its worth the effort.
Suzie Sews

She'sSewPretty said...

Oh..I could stand in your cupboard and drool too! So many pretty things.