Friday, 4 May 2007


One of the things that's really been a surprise to me since I started looking at blogs was how inspiring they would be. I think I went into it all with a slightly scathing attitude, why would anybody want to write about themselves and who would be interested? It's been a real eye opener, there is such a sense of community about the whole thing, there are so many links between the blogs and people are genuinely interested in what other people are doing.

I think one of the most amazing things is that it's such a positive thing to do, the comments you receive are so encouraging and helpful. The world we seem to live in, as the media reports it, can appear a depressing place, especially if you have small children. I do worry sometimes about what sort of a place we've brought them into and what the future holds. However I am a positive person who deep down has always believed in the good of people and I think blogging has sort of proven that. The generosity of fellow bloggers towards each other and the way in which people care about each other makes me feel optimistic towards the future.

The other great thing about blogs is that it's reawakened my creative spirit which has been hiding behind sleepless nights, nappies and housework for too long. Reading about other peoples lives and how they fit it all in has inspired me to get creating again. So with this in mind I made this...........................
With a bit of jigging about with the lining it all went together pretty well, another bag to add to my collection!

This was a project from a book many others have recommended, there are loads of things to make and thankfully most are quite straightforward. For some reason I don't seem able tio follow written instructions very well, and I always seem to pick a bad moment to start making things. I tell myself it'll only take 1/2 an hour, I'll squeeze it in before bathtime whilst the kids play, knowing full well it's a 2 hour project and I'll just HAVE to finish it, which ends in my screeching at the children and turning into the wicked crafting witch. Am I the only one?

Another book I must recommend is this, it's great for novice embroiderers like me, very simple and easy to follow.

I can't wait to start on some projects out of this one.

Here's hoping for a sunny bank holiday weekend!


Marie said...

Hi Julia

What a pretty bag and an interesting post.

I thought the same thing before I started blogging: who would read my blog and why would they be interested? I have been pleasantly surprised at the lovely comments and words of encouragement from fellow bloggers.

It has also inspired me to get back to crafts that I had neglected for too long.

I shall look out for the books that you recommended. Thanks for your good wishes for my first big event of the year.

Marie x

andsewtosleep said...

Hi Julia
Lovely blog. I have the same embroidery book - I agree it's sewww lovely.
I agree about the creative inspiration thing. My sewing machine has been in over drive since I started blogging.
I am also inspired by you kitchen. We keep putting off the idea - scared of having builders who never turn up!!??
Yours looks beautiful.
Thanks for visiting.

Gill at Lucy Locket said...

Hi Julia, thanks for visiting my blog, it's brought me to yours which I think is just delightful!

Your home and garden are so pretty, I'm really looking forward to reading more and have added you to my favourites list.
I completely agree with your words in this post; I think we all start a blog thinking that no-one else will be interested but actually it brings together like-minded people who "get" each other. And yes like you I believe that most people are always it's the minority that give us a bad name and spoil it for everyone else.

You asked in an earlier post about adding links etc, if you want any advice please feel free to ask me, I'm new to blogging too but if I can help I'm more than happy.

You'll find my email address on my blog.

Look forward to the next visit,


Matroskin said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog and for your warm post. I feel the same way about blogs. And it's such a relief to know there're like minded mums all over the Western hemisphere, women who like the same silly things, like pretty tea pots, fabrics and great vintage finds. Your kitchen is wonderful! I envy you, because some previous owner has chosen gray cabinets in ours. Who wants to have a gray kitchen?

Blogging is even more wonderful once you get engaged in swaps. It's so nice to get small packages from creative people.

I think you might like my friend's Outi's blog:

andsewtosleep said...

Hi Julia
hope you don't mind but I've tagged you? Go see my post.

Marie said...

Hello again Julia

I hope that you don't mind, but I have tagged you for 7 weird things about me...see my blog for further information.

Marie x

Alison said...

Your comments on blogging are so true.
Why not take part in a swap and you will find out just how lovely these people really are!
Alison x